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For the first time after updating to WordPress 4.7, today, I started writing on Part III of the WordPress tutorial series about installing plugins and noted that the post editor toolbar has changed. Underline and Justify buttons are removed from the toolbar.

‘Underline’ is an option I often use while posting. So, straight away I noticed it. It seems that a lot of WordPress users are missing these two options. Read through the comments section of this post, and you will realize how disappointed they are and to be honest, I am one of them.

wordpress post editor old

wordpress post editor new

This is the explanation for the removal,

Feature buttons are missing from the editor: To encourage proper use of HTML elements, and to reduce the misuse of confusing elements (such as underlines for example), the toolbars have been rearranged (and some options removed, although their keyboard shortcuts will continue to work as expected), and may be found by extending the toolbar at the top to show both lines of options – source

So, it is not a complete removal. They have only removed the buttons from the toolbar which means that we can use the shortcut keys to underline or justify.

Underlining is a bad practice as readers can confuse it with links (bad accessibility), and it does not insert a semantic element. Justifying has uneven browser implementation, and in many cases is bad for readability. – source

Is it that bad? Well, I am not in 100% agreement with what they say about underlining. It is true to an extent, but I do not think that argument is fair enough to support the removal of the button.

I believe that justified text is little hard to read compared to regular text. Again, it is subjective. These changes make the life of bloggers who use them regularly little harder.

Enough rant, let’s move on to the solutions.

Using Shortcut Keys

That is the primary solution to the problem. Though the buttons have removed from the toolbar, we can still use the shortcut keys to get the job done.

To underline

  • Windows/Linux: “Ctrl + u”
  • Mac: “Command (⌘) + u”

To justify

  • Windows/Linux: “Alt + Shift (⇧) + j”
  • Mac: “Ctrl + Option (alt ⌥) + j”

Using a Plugin

The second option is to use the plugin “Re-add text underline and justify” to get the underline and justify buttons back in the toolbar. I found the solution thanks to this post by

You can install the plugin directly through WordPress dashboard. Once installed, go to Settings > Writing and select the default post format from the drop-down menu.

selecting post editor style

That will bring back those two buttons back to the toolbar. Stick to a method that is convenient for you.


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