An Adsense Free Life – Alternative Ways to Make Money Online

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I have started my online career way back in late 2008 with one my friends in the University. We started a blog with the help of another friend of us who was already doing some stuff related to IM. We didn’t have much clue about what we were going to do but we knew something called “Adsense” is there which can help us to make some money. We started our blog and we start writing on stuff related to our studies. Time went on and we started making some money with Adsense, it was not big but it kept us interested. I learnt lots of things while my stay at online.

My focus was mainly on making a living via Adsense apart from other freelancer activities I have been doing. I have made macro sites as well as micro/mini sites targeting Adsense. In the late last year, I have got a email from Adsense that they have disabled my account due to violation of the TOS. I didn’t use any spun content for my sites and also there were no autoblogs. I was pretty amazed with their mail. I have replied back to their mail to no avail. I was really disappointed at that time.

That was an eye-opener for me. I started looking for other opportunities which can be used to make money. Luckily I had some experience at that point of time(I have been doing it almost 4 years and learnt lots of things) and had some money to invest as well. Also it wasn’t my online money maker, I had few services as well. So it helped me to search for other methods. Here are some of the methods I was able to succeed.

Working as a Freelancer

working as a freelancerYou can always make some money by working as a freelancer. I was doing this at the very beginning. It helped me to raise some cash which was very helpful in covering my expenses such as hosting, domains, articles etc. I had some knowledge in link building so I started a service thread in a IM forum called ‘digital point‘, you may have heard of this already. I did some directory submissions at that time which helped me to get my first payment(before Adsense) by working online. It was lot of work for a smaller payment. But it gave me a good experience.

This is a very good initiative for anyone who will be thinking of starting an IM career. You can always use your skills, knowledge to a good effect. You may have good skills in design work or you may be good in writing. Likewise you may have got some sort of skill which can be utilized to earn some money and then you can invest that in making more. That is what I have done at the beginning of my career.

Not only that, you can also expand that as a real business. I have started an article writing service and now I have a team of writers myself. I have developed my freelancer activity as a business model and continuing with it. Let’s say you are a good designer.  Then you can make a team of good designers and form a designing business. Since you have the knowledge about what you do, that will help in expanding it to a bigger one if you work hard.

You can always start with It won’t be easy, I can tell you that. Also you can try places like fiverr, Odesk as well.

Try CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is another method I tried. There are hundreds of CPA companies available. Offervault is a good place to find CPA companies as well as CPA offers. I have started with Maxbounty. I have also applied to Peerfly with no success. Almost all of these CPA companies go through a manual process of approving the applicants. I will later come up with a tutorial on some tips that will be important in getting approved with CPA companies.

cpa marketingThere are various of doing CPA marketing. Many IMers use PPC for CPA. I am an SEO guy. I have always relied on organic traffic. There are pros as well as cons in using search traffic especially with all these recent Google algorithm updates. But I have stick to it because that is what I am comfortable of doing and I also enjoys it.

I have started with some email submit free offers. Searched for some keywords using Google Adwords Keywords Tool. I have targeted few free offers related keywords and built few sites based on those. Then I was able to rank them using my SEO knowledge and start getting some income. It is important to keep in mind when you do CPA, you have to target right keywords. It is not about high volume keywords but targeted keywords. A highly targeted keyword with 1000 searches per month will be much more profitable than going after an un-targeted keyword with 10k searches per month.

Amazon is always a good choice

amazon associates programAmazon Associates Program is another good alternative. Why is it considered as a good alternative? It is because people always search for products to buy online. So there is a good market if you can exploit.

So how did I go in to it? I have created review sites targeting various Amazon products. How the products were chosen? Again with the help of Google Adwords Keywords Tool. Go to Amazon Best Sellers section in order to get an idea on best selling products. Then with the help of the keywords tool you can find products which have got related keywords with high search volume. There is no point in selecting a product which don’t have any fair amount of search volume if you target organic traffic, like what I do.

The rates of commissions, which starts with 4% and go up to 8%, are not very attractive, to be honest. But as it is mentioned earlier, this type of affiliate marketing model can go longer if the correct strategy is used. I will later come up with a tutorial of how to setup an Amazon product review site(based on my experience).

Keep an eye on Clickbank

adsense alternatives clickbankClickbank isn’t a bad option at all. The commissions are very high indeed when comparing with Amazon. At times newbies may wonder it is possible to make some money with CB, Yes, it is very much possible, I can tell it from my experience.

Many IMers used to create CB review sites, ranking them in Google and then start banking. Yes, it is still possible. But if you check Google for any popular CB product, you will see that the competition is very high. If you have the capability to outrank the competition, then you can use that type of strategy straight away. Otherwise you can always use alternative ways to make CB sales if you are innovative enough. There are plenty of opportunities to be grabbed.

The above mentioned methods are just few methods I have tried and succeeded during my IM journey thus far. But those are not the only methods and there are plenty more. I haven’t gone in to them in-detail but I will cover them as much as possible with tutorials and case studies. Hard working plus smart thinking will show you the way towards success.

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    June 14, 2014 at 2:28 am #

    2nd post I’ve read thus far and it was great. Thanks for the valuable information.

    “It is not about high volume keywords but targeted keywords. A highly targeted keyword with 1000 searches per month will be much more profitable than going after an un-targeted keyword with 10k searches per month.”

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